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Kerala Spices Health Benefits

Spice up your diet to have a healthy life!

by Jisson varghese

Organic farming has never been new to us, Just forgotten. However, recently this age old technique has been brought back to life by farmers who believe in the health and well-being of people along with the promotion and enhancement of nature, biodiversity and the eco system. Since the process is purely organic, the products is not just natural and delicious, it is free from any harming chemicals or pesticides that’s usually used in farming and is good for the health and nature. Focusing on this goodness, we turned to organic farming to produce the finest spices from Kerala, recognized as the spice center of the world.

Spices are what makes a dish, It’s the thread that holds together all the elements of a dish. It is not only crucial, it has health benefits too.

Holy Basil has found to be capable of fighting off infections and enhancing the immune system. White pepper has been credited with anti- cancer properties. Ginger and Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with nasal congestion. Long story short, spices can help you fight off infections, enhance digestion, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels and even manage stress.
Although healthy eating is usually associated with plain and boring food, as just mentioned it’s quite the contrary. Blending in organic farming with spices, Green Mart produces over a variety of 100 different spices for its customers. From cloves, pepper and cinnamon to turmeric, mustard and jeera, you name it, we have it. It’s grown in their own farms in Idukki and personally taken care of. Each product undergoes batches of quality check before it reaches the market. In addition to Kerala spices, we also provide Kerala masala blends made from these spices and essential oils.
Kerala Spices Wholesale believes in the goodness of healthy living by living close to the nature. This is the motto we carry with us forward through our business. So Spice up your diet to have a healthy life